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A frightening trend these days — from the Guardian

The alarming rise of the rough sex defence

Too many women’s lives are ending after what those accused of their deaths say were ‘sex games gone wrong’. Anna Moore looks at why strangling has become so normalised. And: Helen Pidd looks back on the general election week

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Registered Psychotherapist, BScPsy, CTPDipl

CONGRATULATIONS. You’ve taken the first step towards getting help. Finding the right therapist can be the hardest part. For that reason, I offer an initial 40 minute consult at no-charge. My LGBTQ-positive practice is in psychoanalytic, relational, and mind/body psychotherapy.

The core of my work is the relationships that form between myself and my clients. A focus of my practice is on sexual issues including sexual abuse, problematic sexual behaviours, sexual trauma, gender issues, the use of internet porn, shame, fetishism, low and high sexual interest, issues of pain, difficulties with sexual function, and the embodied residues of sexual trauma. Some of the other difficulties I work with are: anxiety, depression, loss/grief, relationship issues, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive/compulsive behaviours, low self esteem, common dissociation, ‘checking out’ as a coping mechanism, and the experience of dissociative identity disorder (DID).

My previous massage practice (1989-2014), four years of training in emotion-oriented body work, and eight years of training as a psychodynamic psychotherapist, are reflected in my understanding of how emotions are often held and expressed unconsciously in our bodies.

My education and training includes: a Guelph University sex therapy intensive course, psychodynamic psychotherapy training at The Centre for Training in Psychotherapy (CTP), a BSc in Psychology from the University of Toronto, and massage therapy training from Sutherland and Chan. In June 2015 I presented a workshop at the Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference entitled, “Ecstatic Pleasures/Deep Shame — Unraveling the Dark Fantasies that Turn You On”.

I am a clinical member of The Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy and have more than 20 years experience of personal psychotherapy.

Cost per session: $90 – $140

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